Beer Making Kit - Blonde Beer (Pale Ale)

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Available recipes:

AN ORIGINAL GIFT —Does he or she like beer? This Beer Making Kit will transform any beer lover into an autonomous brewer. It will give you the pleasure, independence, and the experience to enjoy your own beer at home. 🎁

EASY TO USE — Anyone can make their own beer at home! Our kits are designed to make the production of craft beer accessible to anyone. Detailed instructions (in English) in print and digital format are provided to guide you step by step for brewing your beer in accordance with ancestral traditions.

A COMPLETE KIT — Unlike most other home brewing kits on the market, this kit won’t bring you any hassle, everything is included! All you need is a large pot and a few empty bottles to store your own beer while you wait to drink it.

HIGH END — Each Eazy Brewing’s kit is assembled by hand in our workshop. We select ingredients and accessories with care to offer you a high-quality brewing kit with an elegant look.

A QUALITY BEER — With this refill, you will get a blond beer with straw yellow reflections that has a balanced malty taste, a light bitterness, and a fine hop (Mistral hops grown in France) with delicate fruity notes (mirabelle plum, peach, white grapes).

What's included in this kit?

This 5 litres beer brewing kit will allow you to brew a French Blonde type beer and has all the specific equipment you will need to do so.

⚒Equipment included in this kit:

5 L Demijohn glass, nylon stirring bag, drilled rubber stopper, airlock, PVC transfer tubing, white tubing clamp, sugar measurement tool, caps, thermometer, small white cap, racking cane, brewing booklet and ebook to download.

🌾Ingredients and supplies included in this kit:

Mixture of malts (produced in France), Magnum bitter hops (produced in France), Mistral aroma hops (produced in France), brewer’s yeast, caps, disinfectant solution.

🍺About the Blonde beer recipe:

This beer is characterised by a blond colour with straw reflection, a balanced malty taste, a light bitterness and a fine hopping (Mistral hops grown in France) with delicate fruity notes (mirabelle plum, peach, white grapes). You understood well, you will therefore get a thirst-quenching beer but with great finesse. Characteristics: Alcohol 4,8 °, Bitterness 25 IBU, Colour 9 EBC, Aromatic hops: Mistral (French origin).

All our kits and refills are designed and manufactured in France and we are proud to ensure their production ourselves with the greatest care. The barley and wheat malts used in our recipes are French and our hops come from cooperatives based in the North and East of France.

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